Atlantic City: Contrasts of Life


The sizzling shores of agitated waves hitting the white sand beaches that stand just a few yards away from tall majestic buildings waiting to be abandoned, reminded me of a dreadful scene from the movie Inception. In the dream within the dream that was inside a dream, Leo lost track of time and space when jumping off a tall building from which its ruins were gradually fading away into the waters. Atlantic City is a sad reminder of the famous saying “Now you’re here, now you’re not”.

This city, built for tourism purposes solely, was once a glitzy fabulous place to spend your vacation at, until its fame lost its limelight gradually and got overshadowed by its more popular rival, Las Vegas. Even though its setting is ideal and allows you to do many things throughout your stay like spending the day at the beach, shopping and dining on the oldest boardwalk in the world and spending your evening for entertainment in the many casinos and restaurants along the boardwalk, the place still can’t seem to avoid its nearing end. Most of the casinos are now closed and stay tall and abandoned as a reminder as to what the city once was. Furthermore, three more casinos are closing down in September: the Trump Plaza, the Showboat and the Revels.

Caesars Palace is still there and very much alive, giving the city its last glimpse of hope. Extending over two streets, this majestic hotel and casino gives a good idea of what this city once used to be. Behind it, a good selection of outlets of famous brands attracts visitors. An immaculate boardwalk filled with small shops and restaurants can take anyone into vacation mode right away. From the boardwalk, stairs brings one to the wide white sand beaches to enjoy the sun or take in swim in the chilly Atlantic. Nightlife is crowded on the boardwalk, filled with restaurants playing loud live music and a Moment Factory projection on the canvas of an old building. The place is magical! But as soon as you leave the tourist area, the sight of poverty strikes hard. It’s a shame, because the city has its own charm and is still well kept in its busiest areas.

So the questions remains… what will it take to bring Atlantic City back to life?


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