Surprising Philly

Sometimes when you have the least amount of expectations is when you are the most pleasantly surprised. Not knowing what to expect from Philadelphia at all, this city has been a breath of fresh air. From its architecture, to its parks, rivers, bridges, cafes and vibrating downtown area, this city is the most European city I have seen in all of the US. Seeing the Liberty Bell, as well as the Independence Hall was impressive from a historic point of view but finishing the day off with an original Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich was the culinary highlight of my trip! Before exiting the city, I stopped by the National Museum of Art, just to run up the stairs just like in the Rocky movie- a moment in my life that I won’t forget very soon.

One day is not enough to explore the many beautiful parts of this city and a second visit to Philly is in the works for sure.


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