Eastern State Penitentiary

They say it’s one of the most haunted places in America…

They say that it was at first a penitentiary made for solitary confinement only.

When prisoners came in to do their sentence, their heads were covered in order to stay unseen forever by the other inmates and to have a normal life after their sentence was over. But after suffering such a cruel treatment for years, who could ever go back to normal? Many, if not all, inmates lost their minds in the silence-only prison. They believed that there is good in every person and that a penitentiary was meant to help people by curing their reasoning. Inmates were supposed to keep quiet at all times and contemplate about their wrong-doings. Women accused of shoplifting and even murdering their husbands would be confided in a cell together with their children. Inhumane things have happened behind the closed doors of each of the cells of this prison. Tiny dark cells offer unbearable heat in summer and ice cold temperatures in winter. I contemplated for the 3 hours I spent in that penitentiary and tried imagining myself as an inmate through meditation. I have visited Alcatraz Island as well a couple of months prior, but this jail was by far the creepiest place I have ever been to….

Click here to learn more about this amazing tourist attraction that was almost destroyed.

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