What is up with Romania?

A lot of people might think, what is up with Romania? Some people from North America honestly don’t know much about it. Some have some Romanian friends, here and there, some who interested in politics know about Ceausescu, and some who are ignorant will bring up Dracula and Vampires. But seriously, what is Romania all […]

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Eurotrip Part 2: My trip to Paris


We only stayed 3 days in Paris and we saw a LOT. From the Louvre museum, to Les Invalides, to Champs Elysees to the Eiffel Tower. We walked up and down the seine all day long and paid daily visits to the Eiffel Tower, even having breakfast right in front of it.

Video shot with Canon Rebel T2i and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

House of Rebs Media.


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